Competitive Railway Solutions for the Scandinavian Market

BOJE RAIL dreams of getting rid of wasted time in traffic jams and queuing

BOJE RAIL dreams of getting rid of wasted time in traffic jams and queuing, and preferably in an environmentally friendly way, by utilizing the railway to its full potential. For years, monopolies have dominated the railway industry mainly due to historic and national specific reasons that have made changes difficult.

BOJE RAIL is dedicated to assist the railway industry in reducing the cost of infrastructure and rolling stock by bringing expertise from companies that specialize in cost effective solutions while considering the required safety levels. Thus, BOJE RAIL cooperate with CENELEC SIL 4 certified suppliers within signaling and can supply both Level Crossings and ERTMS Level 1 and Level 2 signaling.

To make this as cost effective as possible, BOJE RAIL endorses projects with full service for the lifetime of the installation. This is of course also offered with national covering installation and service companies.

BOJE RAIL believes that there is a lot to learn from other countries. Their way of working, their experiences and wants to add this knowledge to the Danish and Scandinavian market.
Boje Rail
Øverødvej 68B, 2840 Holte, Denmark